Yearly Archives: 2017

Large carnivore inventory in Leoata – Brown Bears

This year, Foundation Conservation Carpathia started a research and monitoring programme focused on the evaluation of large carnivore populations: Bear (Ursus arctos), Wolf (Canis lupus) and Lynx (Lynx lynx). The research covers also Leaota area and Wildland properties. Our non-invasive genetic sampling will bring more precision in identification of individuals in comparison to the conventionalRead more

Leaota’s Rivers in November

Even if the weather is cold in November, the rivers of Leaota are full of life. Vertebrates and invertebrates find in these clean waters good conditions to thrive. On the river sides, alder seedlings try to become forest and the rotten trees become shelter for plants and animals. The European bullhead (Cottus gobio) and troutRead more