Monthly Archives: May 2020

FOOD FOR ELDERS Programme – Community support in the Leaota Mountains area

Within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, Foundation Conservation Carpathia came to the support of the communities in Leaota area: Valea Mare Pravăț, Stoienești, Cetățeni, Runcu and Moroieni, as a part of our Food for Elders Programme. We donated over 500 packages of food and hygiene products to the vulnerable local elderly population in theRead more

Preparations for beaver reintroduction in Leaota Mountains

Besides purchasing land for conservation and habitats restoration, we started the reintroduction program of missing mammal key species, such as beaver (Castor fiber), in order to accelerate re-wilding processes in the Leaota area. In the middle of March, we started to improve habitat conditions for the reintroduction of beavers by planting over 200 willow stemsRead more