The Foundation

THE good news is that there are people out there who have the means to stop this process and are dedicated to really make a difference. A group of dedicated biologists, conservationists, and philanthropists with a long-standing conservation experience in Europe, North and South America and Africa, set up the Foundation Conservation Carpathia.

THEY developed plans to create a large 35,000 ha wilderness reserve around Piatra Craiului National Park by purchasing these beautiful forests before logging companies could get them under their control.

IN the summer of 2010, Anders Holch Povlsen found interest in the project. His commitment was not only to support the ongoing project, but to create a second wilderness close by, called “Leaota”.

LEAOTA – situated south-east of Piatra Craiului Mountain – is an enormous 25,000 ha mountain in the Carpathians with vast forests all around. The name Leaota will become synonymous with unspoiled wilderness, an area known for its contribution to restoring and conserving the natural ecosystems of the Carpathians.


Staffan Widstrand, Sandra Bartocha, Cornelia Dörr, Dietmar Nill, Florian Möllers, Grzegorz Lesniewski, Konrad Wothe, Markus Varesvuo, Peter Cairns