Leaota is a veritable kingdom of insect species: Beetles, moths, butterflies, flies, bees, ants and many others are thriving in this area.
Throughout summer 2016, we recorded 7 insect species protected all around Europe, according the Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the Conservation of natural habitats and of wild fauna and flora. This is an impressive number of protected insects, especially for a mountain area.
Rosalia longicorn (Rosalia alpina), Long-horned beetle (Morimus funereus) and Stag beetle (Lucanus cervus) are strictly depending of virgin and quasi-virgin forests with old trees. The Amphibious ground-beetle (Carabus variolosus) is living on moist forest valley’s, almost untouched by human and domestic animals. Carpathian bush-cricket (Pholidoptera transsylvanica), Jersey tiger moth (Callimorpha quadripunctaria) and Large copper (Lycaena dispar) are commonly found in meadows, forest edges and forest clearings.
The area proves to be an interesting destination for scientists and people interested in insects!

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