Razvan Rusei – our new ranger for Northern Leaota

Razvan is our new ranger for the northern part of Leaota, he works for the project starting from early July. Razvan is 26 years young, a dedicated environmentalist and holds a diploma as forest technician. As he lives in Stoinesti right at the entry to Badeanca Valley, he is excited about the opportunity to work for the conservation of the area he grew up. “I have been very worried when I saw the truck-loads of timber being transported day and night from the valley after its forests had been privatised in 2010. We all felt the logging was excessive and were scared what would remain from the beautiful forests in our back.”

When Razvan first heard that the property had been sold again in 2012, he was worried the pressure would increase, but to his surprise no more logging trucks transported timber from the area, all went silent. After some time he heard there was a new conservation project going on and since then his dream had been to participate in the protection and conservation of these forests. Now he is very proud to be part of the team!

Razvan’s hobbies are music, sports, and travelling.



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