Flora Alpenrose

UP to an altitude of 1,400 m, Riparian Alder galleries grow alongside the watercourses in Leaota on soils generally rich in alluvial deposits and that are periodically inundated by the annual rise of the brook level.

AT lower elevations, Black Alder and Ash grow next to the mountain streams, at higher elevations the narrow galleries are formed by Black Alder, Grey Alder and Elm.The well-developed shrub layer in alluvial forests is especially valuable for a variety of insects, butterflies, and birds (e.g. Hazel Grouse and Grey-headed Woodpecker).

YELLOW-BELLIED Toad and Crested Newt are numerous here, and for the European Otter this forest type serves as an important feeding habitat. Alder galleries have become increasingly rare all over Europe and accordingly, they are priority habitats according to the EC Habitats Directive.