Flora Wild Crocuse

DUE to highly diverse geological, topographic and microclimatic conditions, a rich flora has evolved in these vast mountain forests and alpine grasslands.

DECIDUOUS forests, predominately beech mixed with sycamore and elm, cover a large share of the lower slopes below 1,000 m. Beechnuts are the most important autumn food for Brown Bears to fatten up for hibernation, but serve as important food for wild boar and various rodent and bird species all through the winter.

HIGHER up, fir and spruce show up especially in the deep soils and on the shady slopes. Spruce finally takes over at around 1,500 m. There is still a significant proportion of rowan amongst the spruce all the way up to treeline, which gives important autumn and winter food to various species of mammals and wintering birds. A good percentage of these forests has remained untouched and is still completely virgin.