THE Leaota Mountains are a vast mountain massif in the centre of Romania, south-west of the Bucegi Mountains and south-east of the Piatra Craiului Mountain, between the Dimbovita and Ialomita valleys. Leaota is part of the Transylvanian Alps and forms an outstanding pyramidal peak with its highest elevation at 2,133 m.

THE alpine areas above the treeline are almost all grassland, only further down in the forests rocky outcrops are found. There are vast forests all around Leaota, which comprise beech in the lower altitudes, mixed forests with beech, fir, sycamore, elm and spruce in the medium altitudes and spruce/rowan forests in the higher altitudes below the tree line.

ABOVE the tree line, extensive natural grasslands with several thousand hectares stretch along the peaks of the Leaota massif. Naturally, the areas above the tree line are important summer grazing areas for chamois and red deer. Between the forests and the alpine grasslands there is a zone of sub-alpine vegetation with Dwarf Pines and Junipers.