EVEN though Pinus mugo has been protected by Romanian law since 1952, its habitat has been under continuous human pressure due to the artificial extension of alpine meadows overgrazing, and collection for firewood.

ALPINE grasslands (Nardus communities) are rare plant communities and are given special protection by EU laws, but the area has been grazed intensively over many decades. Nevertheless, the northern part of Leaota is still rich in species.

THE mountain has not been disturbed by any development so far. There are no tourists here, only a few hikers find their way into Leaota. In the alpine areas sheep are grazing during the summer months, but there is very little human activity otherwise. Geographically, the Leaota Mountains extend over three Romanian counties, Arges, Dambovita and Brasov and cover a total area of 24,000 ha.